The amazing flamenco group from London to the World.

Alma Gitana (Gipsy Soul) brings you the passion of flamenco music and dance with an unforgettable show.
Four Spanish artists whose connection and power on stage are leaving the audiences in awe – the fantastic guitar of Andres Garcia and the marvelous voice of Javier Moreno, the rhythm and percussion of the cajon by Demi Garcia, and how all feeds the inspiration for the dancing of Lourdes Fernandez, whose captivating movements and highly technical “zapateado” (feet stomping) will leave you holding your breath.

Alma Gitana are quickly earning a reputation in the Flamenco and World Music scene, with all his shows selling out, and raving reviews and testimonials about the group’s passion and quality.

Lourdes Fernandez: dance
Andres Garcia: guitar
Javier Moreno: vocals

Guests musicians:
Demi Garcia:  cajon & percussion

“Passionate and captivating flamenco performance” TIME OUT

“We were not expecting such an amazing evening – we WILL be booking you guys!! Thank you!” Burbage Community Arts Festival


“Thank you very much for playing at the Loft; it was an awesome evening of flamenco and everyone had a really wonderful time. You are the best musicians (& dancer) we’ve had at the Loft so far! Cheers, Jason & Jo” – The Loft, Winchester Piano studios

“Absolutely fantastic we’ve never seen anything like it” Simone & Jean Buyat
“So very glad that we were able to attend, brilliant night” Mayor of Hinckley & Bosworth Cllr Janice Richards & Consort Tony Richards
“The best I have seen in my life” Ruth Thompson
“Spellbinding. A wonderful evenings entertainment. Amazing what you can find in a dingy little bar in London’s East End” Paul Thomas
“This was amazing, I felt like she could look into the eyes of a lion in the wild” Ade
“Fantastic flamenco, you have brought something special to Streatham” Nigel
“You made me realise how much I miss Spain” Cristina
“Thanks for a lovely evening” Carmen Salas
“Fantástico! Olé, olé y olé” Eoliva
“I have seen flamenco in Spain many times, but this is something special…” Adam
“You guys are absolutely amazing” Celia de Veras
“An incredible show” Mark Stormont